We only sell MonoClean as a concentrate. We don't believe in paying shippers to move water around the country. The standard dilution is 15:1.

Even at standard dilution you will still have a concentrated cleaner. A little bit goes a long ways.

Although MonoClean can be mixed with potable tap water there's no way of knowing exactly what's in the water. For the best results we recommend mixing with distilled or reverse osmosis water.

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8 oz. in 4 2oz. bottles $10.50 + ship
1 gallon $159.95 + ship
5 gallon pail $749.95 + ship

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Formulators and Distributors Wanted
Are you currently in the cleaner business? MonoClean makes an excellent base for the development of specialized cleaners. It's a method of making your cleaners virucidal, bactericidal and anti-mold without endangering employees or customers. We can provide larger quantities for those that would like to incorporate it into their product line. Please contact us for additional information.